Founded in 2011, 6Connex is a high-tech enterprise focused on transforming the medical and health industry through science and technology. We have developed several healthcare technology products which can be utilized by all types of medical institutions including hospitals, nursing homes, and independent clinics. We are committed to providing professional information technology solutions to the medical and health industry.

At present, China has no independent software provider focused on both real-time analysis of patient health and connecting patients and doctors through virtual interaction. Our goal is to build a strong network of healthcare service providers to focus on health data collection analysis and health management. We will also be the best platform for doctors and members to interact and encourage healthy living. For more information on how we utilize our technologies, see our current projects below.

Top Products

Medical Advice System

A system that enables medical experts to provide long-distance patients with health advice, online diagnosis, and referrals. Supports online medication prescriptions and utilizes the hospital’s pharmacy for drug deliveries.

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Membership Management

A membership-based integrated management platform that provides comprehensive member health services such as operations support services, medical records, and service quality assurance for both institutional and individual members.

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Medical E-Commerce Platform

A responsive online-to-offline health care business market that provides a network and service delivery platform. Members can register, browse merchandise and create orders.

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More Solutions

Virtual Hospital Portal

 Leveraging interactive experience and virtual environment technology based on enhanced realism, virtual hospital portals provide China’s health and medical institutions an interactive online platform.

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Healthcare Education

 Integrating new media gathering, editing and broadcasting functionality, our technology creates an online teaching system free from physical constraints such as venue size.

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Medical AI

Based on patient’s medical history, images and other provided information, our groundbreaking artificial intelligence software can formulate a diagnosis or provide targeted preventative health care recommendations.

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What Our Clients say

Meet Our Team

Our team is commited to expanding access to healthcare and helping medical professions more seamlessly interact with patients and clients.

Team Member

Bing Liao

Founder & CEO

Bing Liao graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and received both a Master's degree from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. Founder of Cisco China, Mr. Liao officially entered the healthcare and medical information services fields in 2006 by founding 6Connex China.

Team Member

Yuxi Wan

Lead Front-End Engineer

Yuxi Wan holds an MBA from Shanghai Tongji University. As a computer software expert, he worked as a product manager at China Telecom, has 15 years of medical project management experience, and is the bridge between technology and business at 6Connex.

Team Member

Sky Fang

Lead Back-End Engineer

Sky Fang graduated from Suzhou Vocational University and has 13 years of experience in Internet development. He has deep experience in medical data mining, IoT, cloud computing, and dig data processing.

Team Member

Kingstone Chen

Director of Sales & Marketing

Kingstone Chen graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with a master's degree in economics and management. He has worked as a chief experience officer at Cisco China and an technology expert in the health industry.

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